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Scott Hillier Reviews OfficeWriter

Using SoftArtisans OfficeWriter with the Business Data Catalog


How to create hyperlinks between cells in an Excel spreadsheet


Your application requires cells to contain hyperlinks to other cells in the same spreadsheet, but the Cell.CreateHyperlink function only makes links to URLs on the internet. This article discusses a workaround using Excel's HYPERLINK function.


Workbook colors are not displayed as expected in older versions of Excel



Excel's color palette explained



How to open a report from SQL Server Reporting Services with the Application object


You want to modify your reports with the WordApplication or ExcelApplication object after they've been populated with data by SQL Server Reporting Services. The ExcelApplication or WordApplication object's Open method can't pull a report from a report server, so how do you open a SSRS report with OfficeWriter?


What's New in OfficeWriter 8.5

Spring has sprung, bringing with it our newest release of OfficeWriter: OfficeWriter 8.5!  What's in store for this maintenance release? Scroll down to see the latest additions our development team has been working on.


[Webinar] Creating Company Training Packets with WordWriter


Big Data and OfficeWriter



New! [Webinar] PivotTables in OfficeWriter 8.4 March 1st

Because we had such a great response from the first webinar, we're opening more seats and hosting this PivotTable webinar again.


PivotTables Now Available within OfficeWriter 8.4