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Scott Hillier Reviews OfficeWriter

Using SoftArtisans OfficeWriter with the Business Data Catalog

 ...The gap between the BDC and Microsoft Office is an ideal place to take advantage of OfficeWriter. By creating a custom OfficeWriter solution, we can utilize the data contained in the BDC to create Office documents. The OfficeWriter solution is possible because the BDC supports a programming interface that exposes BDC data in code. OfficeWriter can use the BDC programming interface to retrieve data while taking advantage of its own native capability to place that data in document fields. 

The demonstration code shows an example of integrating the BDC with OfficeWriter. The solution creates a SharePoint feature that appears in the Share Services Provider of MOSS and allows documents to be created from BDC data. Using this sample, you could move to more sophisticated solutions that automatically create specific documents such as invoices.

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