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What's New in OfficeWriter 8.5

Spring has sprung, bringing with it our newest release of OfficeWriter: OfficeWriter 8.5!  What's in store for this maintenance release? Scroll down to see the latest additions our development team has been working on.


Andrew Brust on OfficeWriter: "Enhanced Integration for Microsoft Business Intelligence"

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Download SoftArtisans OfficeWriter: Enhanced Integration for Microsoft BI

You can download Andrew Brust's full whitepaper on how OfficeWriter provides needed functionality to Microsoft's BI stack on the Blue Badge website.

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Excel and Word Reporting in .NET Made Easy with OfficeWriter v4.5.1

Enhance BI Applications with Open XML XLSX and DOCX Support, Microsoft SharePoint Integration, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Extensions


SoftArtisans and the MS BI Ecosystem

Excerpted from Andrew Brust's blog: