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How to create hyperlinks between cells in an Excel spreadsheet


Your application requires cells to contain hyperlinks to other cells in the same spreadsheet, but the Cell.CreateHyperlink function only makes links to URLs on the internet. This article discusses a workaround using Excel's HYPERLINK function.


Workbook colors are not displayed as expected in older versions of Excel



Excel's color palette explained



How to open a report from SQL Server Reporting Services with the Application object


You want to modify your reports with the WordApplication or ExcelApplication object after they've been populated with data by SQL Server Reporting Services. The ExcelApplication or WordApplication object's Open method can't pull a report from a report server, so how do you open a SSRS report with OfficeWriter?


What’s New in OfficeWriter 8.1

OfficeWriter 8.1 marks the first maintenance release of OfficeWriter 8 and we focused on adding support of Office 2010 in the OfficeWriter Designer, including a brand new look that integrates with the Office 2007/2010 ribbon:


How to display all selected values for an SSRS multi-select parameter in an Excel report

It is very common when designing reports that you may need to define a multi-select report parameter in order to give the users some filter options and generate the report based on the user-selected values. You may also want to display those selected values on the Excel report.


OfficeWriter for the IT Pro: Automated Dell Warranty Lookup using Powershell and ExcelTemplate

OfficeWriter for the IT Pro posts are aimed at exploring ways to extend the use of OfficeWriter to the IT work space.

This script will dynamically query Dell's Warranty web-service ( via PowerShell and export the results to an Excel (xlsx) file using OfficeWriter's ExcelTemplate object. I've added colored conditional formatting depending on how many days are left before the warranty expires.

In the script, we leverage two external community provided PowerShell functions, Out-DataTable and Get-DellWarranty. Get-DellWarranty accepts a computer name then returns the results as a PowerShell object. The ExcelTemplate object will not bind a PowerShell object so we use Out-DataTable to convert the object into a .NET DataTable.

You will need proper permissions and PowerShell access to run the script against remote servers. You will need to modify the $myComputerList variable to include the computers that you want to query. You will need to download the file attached to this post. It contains the required PowerShell modules, DellWarrantyExporttoExcel script, DellWarrantyLook.xlsx excel template, and a sample excel output file (output.xlsx). The final requirement to run the script is a copy of OfficeWriter Standard. You can download an evaluation from


Post-Processing SSRS Reports using OfficeWriter in .NET


OfficeWriter and Excel Services: When to Use Which

Current and potential customers often ask our sales team: "what is the difference between OfficeWriter and Excel Services?" The high level answer is that that they are very different products designed to address very distinct scenarios. In brief, OfficeWriter is a tool that developers can use to generate, read, and manipulate Excel and Word documents in .NET code. Excel Services is a SharePoint-based server product for sharing, managing, and securing Excel workbooks.


Exporting SQL Server Database Data to Excel


The need to get business data from a SQL Server database (or any other kind of RDBMS for that matter) into Excel for further analysis is universal. I would venture to say that anyone in any business role from marketer to analyst to salesperson to executive to program manager has had the occasion to say: "I need this data in Excel so that I can crunch it!"