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Using Side-by-Side Data Markers in ExcelWriter, Part 2


Pivot Tables Version Nightmare


Using Side-by-Side Data Markers in ExcelWriter, Part 1


MVP Kevin Griffin Reviews OfficeWriter 4.5.1

Excerpted from Kevin Griffin's blog:

OfficeWriter is a product that handles two common functions for software applications, reading and writing to Excel and Word documents.


List of 15 Excel Reporting Products

Excerpted from

As an SEO expert, I manage a lot of raw data. Search engine rankings, keyword comparisons, traffic statistics – all have to be collected and analyzed, if I want to deliver maximum results. I also need to turn all of those numbers into graphs, charts, and totals that my clients can understand. There are a variety of programs out there, that help you manage and manipulate your data and Excel spreadsheets just the way your business needs.