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Posted on: Sep 18th, 2011


In previous blog posts, I showed how José and Jillian, salespersons with PostOne Bicycles, used the new %%group marker to group and nest hierarchical data from a flat data set. In this tutorial, they will expand upon the concept by introducing headers to help separate each group, using the %%value() marker to show data values in headers and the (hide) modifier to hide data that is already shown in a header.




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Posted on: Sep 16th, 2011

Several of our consulting projects have had a similar need: programatically merge multiple Word documents into a single Word file. Using WordWriter, this task is fairly easy.

When you use WordWriter to merge documents, the page setup of the destination document you are merging into is used for all pages. (This follows the same behavior as Word.) If you create a new document to merge into, your resulting document will have default formatting. If you want to preserve the formatting of each document that you are...

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Posted on: Sep 16th, 2011

The ExcelTemplate method of creating Excel files is to design a template in Excel that contains data markers. Data markers are cell values that begin with %%= or %%=$ that specifies a database column, variable, or array to insert into the spreadsheet column. ExcelWriter does this by inserting a new row into the worksheet for each row of data being imported. This means that anything below the data marker in the template will be pushed down as the new rows of data are imported. Data markers from the same data set can be placed next to each other, but placing data markers from different...

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Posted on: Sep 14th, 2011

Two members of Olin's Class of 2014 share their SoftArtisans internship experience.


Further Resources:

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Posted on: Sep 13th, 2011

Starting in version 7.1 of ExcelWriter, you can use grouping and nesting markers to display flat data in a grouped and nested format using the ExcelTemplate object and a OOXML (.xlsx) template.



In my previous post, I showed how José, a salesperson at PostOne Bicycles, was able to easily pick out the sales made by the sales team in different regions by using a %%group...

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