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OfficeWriter 8.2: Mailmerge

One of the bigger features added to OfficeWriter in 8.2 (along with a plethora of bug fixes!) is actually an improvement on WordWriter.

WordTemplate has long since had the ability to (mostly) mimic the mailmerge feature of Word.  Now we’ve come a step closer by including headers and footers in the mailmerged area.  So if you want a different name at the top of each of your mailmerged pages, now it can be done!

The only new thing you have to do to make use of this feature (besides adding mergefields to the header or footer) is replace any page breaks in your template with section breaks.  Word uses section breaks to know when to change the header and footer in a document.

To take it for a test drive, download the latest version of OfficeWriter from our website. Read about the full list of features (including Copysheet) that we've added to OfficeWriter 8.2 from our product manager, Alison.