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Flexible Excel and Word Document Processing for SharePoint and .NET Applications
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OfficeWriter Supported Versions Policy

Our policy is to support the latest two major versions of OfficeWriter:


bullet Includes OfficeWriter 12.0 and later
bullet OfficeWriter 12 includes ExcelWriter, WordWriter, and PowerPointWriter.


bullet Includes OfficeWriter 11.0 and later
bullet OfficeWriter 11 includes ExcelWriter, WordWriter and PowerPointWriter.

To be a supported major version means that for every minor version SoftArtisans support engineers will:

bullet Assist with any product usage questions
bullet Report issues and convey the urgency or priority of a fix to development
bullet Try to find workarounds for issues without an immediate fix


An active support subscription is required to receive support. See support options for more information.

I'm having a problem with an unsupported version of OfficeWriter (e.g. OfficeWriter 4). What are my options?

If a version of the product is not supported, this means that we will not be able to provide assistance through our priority support channels. However, we have online resources available that may be able to assist you with your issue:

bullet OfficeWriter Docs - API reference, tutorials, installation instructions, system requirements
I found a problem with a supported version of OfficeWriter (8.x), but it's not the latest version of the product. What should I do?

Report the issue to OfficeWriter support. If the issue you are experiencing was already addressed in the latest public release, we will request that you upgrade to that version. If upgrading right away isn't an option, we will make every effort to help you find a workaround. Most fixes will be released in an intermediate build of the latest version of the product. So in this case, a fix would most likely be available in an intermediate build of OfficeWriter 9.x.