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OfficeWriter and SharePoint

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Advanced Document Processing:

With OfficeWriter, it’s easy to build custom SharePoint-hosted applications and features for doing advanced document processing. If you use SharePoint document libraries and lists, OfficeWriter can help with merging data into templates, generating and storing documents, and more. (Read the OfficeWriter API reference to learn how to integrate OfficeWriter with SharePoint).

What you can do with OfficeWriter and SharePoint:


Export List Data to Templates:

Define Excel and Word templates, store them in document libraries, and then easily merge those templates with data from SharePoint lists. Unlike the built-in list-to-spreadsheet export, you can control the design of the exported report and include all Excel and Word features. (Read our comprehensive article about how to provide advanced SharePoint list exports with OfficeWriter).
divider Use OfficeWriter to export data from SharePoint lists.

SharePoint Mail-Merge:

Do you store customer data, financial information, order information, or any other important business data in SharePoint lists? With OfficeWriter you can merge this data into Excel and Word templates with minimal coding.

Document Assembly:

Dynamically build Excel and Word documents with SharePoint data, or as part of a SharePoint-hosted application. Generate invoices, employment contracts, financial reports, and get your SharePoint data in Excel or Word where you can work with your data.



OfficeWriter and SharePoint for Word:

OfficeWriter and SharePoint for Excel: