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OfficeWriter for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)


Office-based Report Design for SSRS

OfficeWriter integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services for enhanced Office rendering. Use our lightweight Office plug-in to create Excel or Word templates and then process your reports with our server-side renderer.
OfficeWriter for Reporting Services

Support for enhanced Excel and Word features

OfficeWriter for Reporting Services includes a lightweight Office plug-in that allows you to build reports using Excel and Word as the design tool.
Support for enhanced Excel and Word features Use the OfficeWriter Designer plug-in to create report templates with full Office features such as charts, macros, formulas, headers & footers, and more.

The template you build is the report definition. Your rendered report will have all the features preserved – no static values or charts rendered as images!

Build, edit, publish and preview reports from Office

Create and view reports directly in Office, using tools your information workers already know.
Build, edit, publish and preview reports from Office.

Add full-featured Excel and Word reports to your existing configuration

SQL Server Reporting Services The OfficeWriter renderer works with existing scheduling, delivery, caching, and security.  Works in SharePoint mode too!

New - OfficeWriter Designer .NET

OfficeWriter Designer .NET is a new implementation of the OfficeWriter Designer that uses the latest technologies and best practices.  Currently available in Excel, coming soon in Word!