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PowerPointWriter Use Cases

Importing multiple rows of data

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Automatic repeating data Import hundreds of rows of data and know that all of your data will fit onto your slides. If you need extra space, PowerPointWriter will expand the presentation to fit your data.


Users design reports in PowerPoint

Users design reports in PowerPoint

Have the freedom to change template layouts, formatting, and more without changing your code. Users create templates directly in PowerPoint.

*Hover over image on left to see data markers.


Template-based approach

Template based approach

Quickly turn existing presentations into ready-to-use templates. PowerPointWriter will preserve all PowerPoint features. 

*Hover over image on left to see data markers.


Simple data import


Data Import

Handle Enterprise level data securely, and be confident the slide deck always has the latest data. PowerPointWriter supports multiple data sets and large sets of rows.



Integrate with any .NET application

Deliver your presentations at scale. PowerPointWriter reports works with most PowerPoint viewers.
Integrate with any .NET application
Learn more about PowerPointWriter and its features here.

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